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Featured Distilleries

Featured Distilleries

Where does all that wonderful liquor come from anyway?

The short answer: Distilleries

The simple definition of a distillery is a spot where liquor is manufactured. That sounds boring though, right? Wrong. If you have never gotten the chance to tour a distillery, then you simply must take the time to do so.

It is amazing to see where your favorite liquor is made and some of them even allow you to simple their liquor depending on the laws in the area. Yes, you must be 21 or older in the US. This is a great outing to do even with your family!

Local Distilleries

Atelier Vie

Baton Rouge Distilling

Bayou Rum Distillery

Cajun Spirits Distillery

Cane Land Distilling

Celebration Distillation

Luisiana Lightning

NOLA Distilling

Rank Wildcat Spirits

River Road Distillery

Seven Three Distilling Co.


...and MANY more!

About the Area

Louisiana Distilleries are set in a couple concentrated locations. Many people that have visited New Orleans are well aware of this because of how many are within city borders, which is pretty rare for most states to be set up this way.

The Pelican State's Distilleries are also located up through the Baton Rouge area, which means if you are visiting from out of state then to tour them all, you can state in New Orleans and work your way up Highway 10 to hit up the ones along the way until you make it to Baton Rouge for the night. You're welcome for the awesome suggestion ;) This is a do not miss state if distilleries are your thing as well because there are over 18 of them here! Whether you live locally or are visiting, it is worth it to check them all out and be sure to frequently come back to this site as more and more of them are getting added each day. Tours typically last from 30 to 60 minutes per tour and they are well worth your time to check out the different ones. Each one has their own flavors and charm to experience.

What is even more awesome is that most distilleries offer free samples of their liquor when you go through a tour as well. The tours are extremely interesting and fun to do too. They aren't just there to sample the liquor that you're looking forward to but are actually very informative and you get to meet a lot of like-minded people usually that are also doing the tour.

Do you own or manage a Distillery that's not on our list? If so, be sure to add yourself to our list of distilleries!

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